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Command line processing of Crystal Reports is a powerful tool that is included with the Enterprise Edition of Navarre Report Manager. It gives you the power to run any Crystal Report when you need it. Whether it is after the completion of another application, or incorporating Crystal Reports in to your application. Navarre Report Manager gives you the flexibility that you need.

There are several ways to incorporate Navarre functionality into your application ranging from easy command line processing of a predefined Crystal Report process group in Navarre to the more advanced method of editing our tables to create your own report job. Then letting the group be processed by our scheduling system or by command line.
There are three main types of command line processing…

  • Straight command line calling
  • Direct database table editing
  • Combination method

Straight command line calling:
This first way is an easy yet very powerful tool. You can predefine your Crystal Reports, logins, parameters, and method of export in Navarre Report Manager’s user interface, then have your application call your report when you need it processed with one simple command (AutoRMv6.exe /G:123). Within minutes you can have your application emailing or printing a very professional Crystal Report with out any coding or scripting of any kind.

Direct database table editing:
This second method is for you hardcore boys and girls who want to take full control and edit our database tables. Navarre Report Manager uses an unencrypted open database to store how, when and where to send your Crystal Report. By modifying a few tables you can create a new job and have Navarre Report Scheduler sending your report with no user interaction or just by changing a single field will reschedule a current job to run when you need it too.

Combination method:
This third option is the most powerful method yet. It combines the best of both methods together. Using this option you might update our parameters table with new information from some other database, then use the command line option to process your report, sending it to any email, printer, file location, as soon as the newest data is ready to be reported on. The options are truly endless.

In summary:
Using these integration methods will give you the ability to give your application a professional look and keeps your customers or employees informed with the most up to date information possible, delivered to them by file download, email or printed to any local on network printer.
It will not take you long to see the power and ease of use of this affordable application. There is no long command string no fancy scripting needed, just a simple user interface to get you up and running fast.

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