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High Encryption Module

This optional module allows for the encryption of a report items exports or all of the exports of a job into a single AES 128 bit WinZip compatible encrypted or self-extracting exe file that can be sent via email, FTP or disk.  Once an export is selected to be encrypted, you can specify any password you wish or have one generated for you. In either case you can select to pre-send the password via a separately email to the end user. The only software that is required on the end users computer is WinZip V9 or above.

The module also allows for the connection to encrypted FTP severs (FTPS AUTH TLS/SSL or FTPS implicit TSL/SSL 990).


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"Encription Tab"

In the Job Description or Report Items you can set the Encryption options by selecting the Encryption tab. After you enable the module you can set the password and attachment types. The password has three types. You can choose to pre-send a random or pre-defined password or use a pre-defined one without sending it. You can choose from two attachment types, either a WinZip file or a self contained exe file.


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