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Optional Modules

Navarre Report Manager

Navarre Report Manager has been designed into modules so you only need to purchase the options you need and nothing more! Why spend thousands on features that you don’t need. With Navarre you will never need to over purchase for features you don’t need and there is no financial penalty for buy now or later. It is the same price.

Standard Edition
Navarre starts at with the Standard Edition with all of the core structure and exports.

Enterprise Edition
To increase stability and reliability you then and can add the service module which makes it into the Enterprise Edition. The service adds all of the Standard Edition features along with processing jobs via a windows service.
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Remote Admin Client
To give multiple users the ability to mange their own schedules you use the Remote Admin Client. By simply installing the software in other computer and pointing the software back to the original database you can add any number of users. All reports will be processed by the service module on the main installation.
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Bulk Distribution Module
The Bulk Distribution module allows multiple reports to be added to a single job.
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Mass Distribution Module
The Mass Distribution module is a looping engine that connects to an ODBC data source to retrieve a record set. Up to ten elements can be stored for later use throughout the job. For each record returned all of the attached reports will be processed and then exported per the definition in the job.
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High Encryption Module
The High Encryption module is our newest module and either adds all of the exports in a job or a single export into a password protected, 128bit AES WinZip compatible encrypted file.
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